why do i even bother

i just.. ugh…maybe …no…

Nosgoth should have .. some skins of the fledgling vampires too…the clans have to have some pretty boy representation… THEY HAVE TO. you know how vampires go, you get the pretty, the semi pretty, then the hardcore monster that is just a face of fangs,flesh,pus,claws,MAGIC and blood sausages. 

why are there no girl vampires? :| was it so hard for the lieutenants to give pieces of their souls to the womens? ( can i mention how i enjoy how vampirism is passed along in the soul reaver/legacy of kain universe?)

i haven’t been following along for a while now and i’m too ill to catch up, are there female vampires?

i know there is some pokemon thing going on with the vampires and their skins/designs but if that’s the case, THERE NEEDS TO BEEEE PATRIARCHAL LOOK ALIKE VAMPIRES.

i’d eat an entire camel to play the pretty…boy.. lieutenants OMGRAZIEL PLS.  i don’t mind their ‘evovled’ versions…but.. C’MON. 






AHAHAAH SURE HE DID, SURE HE DID, ANON. the necromancer decided to steal kain’s pants. and of course Kain and this moon elf named Ysuran both have really bad tempers.

LOOK AT THIS BALL. Aomi is having none of this shit.


From the heavens, the tears of angels danced around me in a frenzy of fire. I passed through the wall unharmed. It seemed the magic only preyed on things that were alive and pure. Or, perhaps it simply decided that I was twisted enough.
I had to look back as I entered the front property of Vorador’s Mansion, oh Nosgoth, woe to thee.

I had to look back as I entered the front property of Vorador’s Mansion, oh Nosgoth, woe to thee.

Hylden are not Demons and the Demons are not Hylden. Two seperate species and by all accounts the demons are the ones being shafted in the whole ordeal. They were minding their own business when suddenly a bunch of asshole Ancient vampires shoved a bunch of asshole aliens into their asshole demon realm and presumably locked the ‘door’.
how exactly do you mean your sim was similiar to raziel?


This was why I said Ami pulled a Raziel or better yet events out of her (my) control. ( as a joke )
1 - Sarafan Raziel / this was prior to Ami becoming a vampire - game glitch? she became one after Erim bit her. (of course Raziel was not made into a vampire this way)
2 - vampire Raziel / vampire Ami
3 - spectral realm Raziel / spectral realm Ami
4 - material world(undead) raziel / material world(undead) Ami

But unlike the awesome stunts Raziel can pull Ami can’t go back and forth between spectral and material, her situation is merely a split up existence. Number one became two and  now two, three,  and four all exist in the same time and space.

Oddly enough vampire Raziel and Ami died the same way combination of burning and drowning- mostly catering to being hurled into a large body of water and dying! Raziel burned from water’s touch and Ami was burning in the sunlight and drowned.