IF the two guys that got in trouble at Pycon were girls and they said the exact same thing, would Adria Richards have reported them on twitter too?
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  2. allthingswittyandneko answered: Of course not. Only men can be sexist.
  3. general--jinjur answered: Nope. Cause they have vaginas and us females can do no wrong. :)
  4. unexposedexposae answered: You can always rely on feminists to blow shit outta proportion.
  5. sjwguide answered: The answer is: No.
  6. johnwaynebrady answered: What’s Pycon? What did the boys do? And who is Adria Richards?
  7. courtneyhammett answered: Nope. In face, she made penis jokes a few days before: twitter.com/Courtne…
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  9. ahmadinejadofficial answered: I highly doubt that.
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